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The ADAM Suite was created with a specific purpose: to help companies to read their data correctly so that they can make quick and safe decisions. In recent years there has been a tendency to use information technology in activities that require a ‘smart’ decision. The systems of the ADAM suite are placed in this context, as they are aimed at solving problems of a higher logical level than those treated by traditional information systems. Each ADAM software provides the user, the decision maker, with a series of data analysis functions and the use of models in an interactive and extremely simple way, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the decision-making process. In addition, each ADAM software includes a verticalization of XSENSE AI to further improve decision support.

Adam Enterprise Manager Suite


ADAM-DSS has been designed to solve problems related to the transmission, reception, storage and analysis of large quantities of environmental data. ADAM-DSS is designed to solve problems of a higher logical level than those treated by traditional information systems: its inputs include infrared sensors, video cameras and weather events. Main characteristics
  • Fully modular
  • Map data representation in GIS based format
  • It manages the faults of the radio links
  • Incorporates the WRF (Weather Research & Forecasting) system
  • Algorithm for the simulation of a forest fire using orographic and meteorological data


ADAM B2B was created to monitor all business processes which are implemented on architectures distributed therefore on numerous autonomous computational entities. ADAM B2B collects information from the various systems and tracks the times of each transition between one system and another for each transaction, allowing you to quickly find out where a transaction has been “lost” or the time it has taken to complete. Main characteristics
  • Decrease in the number of trouble tickets processed and support activities that affect the operating environments
  • It reduces management costs
  • Management and processing of various process inputs (flat files, xml, http / https, jms, excel, Siebel, SAP, etc.)
  • Automation of data verification and comparison activities
  • It reduces the incidence of human error in the verification and comparison activities that are performed daily by the work groups.


ADAM-LoB balancer is a software balancer that manages the load of network services (connections) based on TCP/IP protocol. ADAM-LoB balancer can be installed to replace the classic hardware balancer. It allows better management and immediate interventions due to its ease of configuration and maintenance. Main characteristics
  • Accurate management of the balance by installing agents on the hosts to be balanced
  • It is compatible with Oracle Siebel features starting with the Siebel 6 release
  • Administration, configuration and monitoring from the Web App or from the command line
  • Alert email in case of unavailability of the nodes

The new Xsense 3.0 documentation is in the works ... stay tuned.

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