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New XSense release 3, more faster, smarter and sensitive

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida – March 7th, 2023 XSense release 3 can work in two modes: with classic neural network or with materialized neural network to apply its particular deep sensing algorithm. Following are some comparisons between release 2 and release 3:

XWAPP & XSense App

Release date: 24 February 2020

dive in a new kind of quiz game, tackle XSense AI and be the best player in the world!

XSense App
have a good time with XSense, talk with a real AI, it could be funny!


Crystal is with us. XSENSE release 1 now has its avatar to allow direct interaction with people. Crystal lets you interact with XSENSE release 1 with your voice and looking at a face.

The truth behind Job Replacement

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida – February 13th, 2017 No human being is able to do automatic things better than a robot. XSENSE release 1 is the natural extension of Human Excellence. When we think about AI, most of us are sure that it’s not like the movies, and there will not be any rebellion by a troop of huge robots that will conquer the world. A machine may be faster, more precise and more enduring than any human being, but it has no feelings, nor intuition.

2016 Reflections. What's Next?

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida – December 30th, 2016 This year is almost over and, as usual, it’s time to make an evaluation. We heard that 2016 has been the year Artificial Intelligence finally exploded. We all know that this is not a new concept. It is something that everyone has tried to get familiar with and also something that we have always feared. It’s not just black or white, it’s absolutely grey.

AI for Education

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida – December 27th, 2016 Artificial Intelligence is the big deal of tomorrow. We already know that. Since “tomorrow” in this case is sooner than it seems, we must completely understand what it is and what will it be, since it can assume infinite shapes. One of it is Education. We are not going to see robots acting as teachers in the next years, but there are many projects that already use AI to help students and teachers having the ultimate educational.

XSENSE release 1 is ON!

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida — December 20th, 2016“ I was dreaming of an AI that doesn’t require manual configuration, able to use human-like logic to learn any language, concept, in complete autonomy and able to converse with us like a real human. XSENSE release 1 represents the incarnation of this dream. ”R&D Director XSENSE Corp” is the first Artificial Intelligence that learns just like the human mind. Forget about manual configurations! XSENSE release 1 learns any content in any language, autonomously. XSENSE release 1 understands any arguments.


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